APA Assured Program

The APA Assured Program was designed to provide benefits to both the Appraiser and the Lender/Client. Failure to pay or failure to promptly is the single biggest complaint made by appraisers. At APA we’re fixing that problem for good. APA is once again changing the industry with the establishment of an escrow account for the sole purpose of ensuring that our appraisers get paid on-time and in-full. Compensating our appraisers quickly and generously gives us the ability to handpick only the best appraisers in the country. This process allows APA to guarantee our clients the fastest turnaround times accompanied by reports of superior quality. We want our appraisers and lenders/clients to rest “APA Assured” knowing that we are always doing our best to make things better for our staff and our clientele.

Appraiser Benefits:


  • Always on-time payments
  • Always accurate payments
  • Above market pay-scale
  • Guaranteed payment

Lender/Client Benefits:


  • Lender/Client will never be responsible for the AMC’s failure to pay an appraiser
  • We attract only the best appraisers
  • Higher quality products
  • Faster turnaround times