DT Series


Save up to 75% of the cost of a traditional real estate appraisal


Every report is completed and delivered within24-48 hours of request.


All of our USPAP compliant forms are completed by certified appraisers

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The APA Dt Series

The DT Series are proprietary reports designed by APA. Our desktop products are not only popular with our mortgage lenders but a host of other professionals who have a need for the valuation of Real Estate. These parties include:

  • Loss Mitigation
  • Asset Management
  • REO’s
  • Relocation
  • Estate Settlement
  • Insurance
  • Property Taxes
  • Condemnation
  • Business Loans
  • Division of Assets
  • Legal Disputes

When a traditional appraisal is not needed, the DT Series is your solution. Our DT Series streamline the valuation process while dramatically reducing costs. Our custom USPAP compliant forms will save you and your clients valuable time and money. The DT Series appraisals will verify essential home attributes such as condition, features, location, neighborhood characteristics, and trends. All of our reports are USPAP compliant and completed by a state certified appraiser. Our advanced technology in combination with the most dedicated team of nationwide appraisers ensures an expeditious, conclusive report.

DT Essential

This is our cornerstone report. The DT Essential contains all of the considerations and calculations of a traditional appraisal. These fundamental elements are then assessed by a local, certified appraiser to guarantee the most accurate valuation. The Essential includes the most recent satellite and MLS  images of the subject property along with a comprehensive analysis of the subject and comparable property features and location.

DT Plus

The Plus was designed to surpass the needs of our REO and loss mitigation clients. DT Plus includes an exterior inspection of the subject property and surrounding  neighborhood. Along with sold comparables, an analysis of active listings is included in this USPAP compliant appraisal. The DT Plus is much more accurate than a BPO, which is crucial when determining the maximum value of your defaulted loans and REO’s.

DT Prime

The Prime contains all of the elements of the Essential accompanied by an exterior inspection of the subject property. The appraiser will not only assess the condition of the subject property, but will drive each comparable property to assess its compatibility with the subject. Subject and comparable photos are also included.

DT Ultra

The Ultra contains all of the elements of the Prime, but also includes an interior inspection of the subject property with multiple photos.

DT Mac

The Mac is used for exterior-only appraisals that are required to be completed on the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae 2055 form.