Atlantic-Pacific Appraisal provides complete appraisal management services.
We offer a full suite of traditional residential appraisal products as well as alternate valuation products. Atlantic-Pacific Appraisal understands appraisal management is not one size fits all, and will build a custom solution for you based on your market area, LOS platform, appraiser panel requirements, SLAs and more.

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1004 Single Family

1004C Manufactured

1025 Multi Family

1075 Exterior Condo

Desk Review (standard)

2070 Inspection

2000 Single Family

Vacant land

1004 Single Family FHA

1004D Appraisal Update

1073 Condominium

2055 Exterior Single Family

Desk Review (Enhanced)

2075 Exterior

2000A Single Family

Desktop Appraisal


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Automated Valuation Model (Instant Home Value)

Economical, quick means to value alternate than that of a full appraisal. The AVM provides an instant property value. It is also known as an Automated Valuation Model (AVM), an AVM is a highly accurate computerized property value that has been designed to replicate the conventional appraisal method. An AVM report is similar to a home appraisal in utilizing complex algorithms, and recent comparable sales.



Desktop Appraisal (DT SERIES)

Home appraisal report preformed by a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser at 75% of the cost of a traditional appraisal. The goal of our desktop appraisal is to give a realistic view of your property’s market value without an interior inspection. Know the facts before you spend the extra money.



Non-Lender online prices

Automated Valuation Model (Instant Home Value) $20
Desktop Appraisal $99
Full Interior/Exterior Appraisal $375


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